Evergreens – how to secure them?

2026655b328bd1c353844f94a97f4513Usually, people think about evergreens that nothing can damage them since they can withstand all the issues thrown their way. But the reality is against this thought as it has been proved the damages occur to evergreens either in the cold weather.

Losing water is something regarded a big issue that causes them dry out so it’s wise to manage conveying water in all the weathers even when usually thought the water isn’t necessary. Trees being drying out is generally happens faster when sunny winter days start or fast winds blow in winter.

Another way to avoid them drying out is to make a screen around them so that may prevent winds to hit and also if you wrap them in burlap better results can be acquired.

Amongst various insulators, snow is considered good thing so consider shoveling some of it around the base of evergreens since this way is counted better in keeping them happy and warm in all the months and seasons regarded cold. Remember, snow is helpful but overblown quantity may fail the attempts of making the trees secured.

Make sure the soil is free from any sort of cracks around the shrubs and trees since they prove to be harmful and against the cautions you consider in making your garden secured. The root zone is necessary to be kept covered with no less than 5” of mulch. If needed, consider using bark and pine needles for a mulch. Make sure that the bottoms of the trees are insulated and covered.